27 October 2022

New: Beauté Neuve Cream

The progressive peeling for my skin

All skin types can suffer from a loss of radiance and an uneven complexion, giving it a blurred and tired appearance. Indeed, the skin can be suffocated by the accumulation of dead cells and the renewal of the epidermis can be slowed down (smoking, pollution, stress or even fatigue being aggravating factors).

Faced with this problem, Guinot innovates with the new Beauty Renewal Cream which brings a new radiance to the skin thanks to its daily peeling effect!

This new Beauté Neuve face care cream offers three actions : - an immediate exfoliating action allowing the peeling effect - a long-term renewing action that promotes cell renewal - a protective and nourishing action providing comfort to the epidermis

Beauty results: day after day, the skin is visibly more radiant, the skin texture is refined and the complexion evened out.

Visit your nearest Guinot Institute or our online shop to discover this innovative facial radiance cosmetic.