18 August 2022

The Guinot Institutes: temple of beauty

This year, Guinot is celebrating its 50th anniversary! An opportunity to take stock of the assets of its expert Beauty Institutes.

For a long time a local service, a real social place, the Beauty Institute has gradually lost its credentials. In 1972, Jean Daniel Mondin, Founder of the Guinot - Mary Cohr Group, opened the way to a new vision of beauty and cosmetics. Half a century ago, he created the first beauty treatment with an appliance that incorporated ionisation, a real innovation at the time, which allowed the skin to be optimally receptive to the active ingredients and manoeuvres. It was an immediate success! Excellence, rigour, precision and effectiveness are all values that the Guinot Institutes still offer their customers. High-tech, targeted, tailor-made and complete treatments; beauty therapists, "Beauty Doctors" who transform the skin, beautify it and boost it; Care Products with rigorous formulations and professional, warm and welcoming premises.

Here are three good reasons to go to one of these Beauty Salons...

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Accessible Beauty Care

"We often hear that it is too expensive, but there is a lack of awareness of the Institute and its services" explains Claudine Coquet, Guinot Training Manager.

Indeed, a treatment at the Guinot Institute is an experience to be lived from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave. The place, the expert, the consultation, the treatments, the state-of-the-art machines: everything is thought out and studied to bring efficiency and results. There are treatments for all budgets, the Hydra Clean treatment, for example, costs €35 for 30 minutes. The opportunity to give yourself a dream complexion without breaking the bank!

Professional gestures

"We need to give beauticians their letters of nobility", says Claudine Coquet. They are often unaware of the fact that they are experts in healthy skin; they have a perfect knowledge of the skin, of which they have a precise biological knowledge, but also of the technical aspect, particularly of cosmetology formulations, which they learned during their studies. If they do not treat pathologies, they are the best placed to advise you on the care and routines to adopt to have perfect skin.

An anti-ageing answer

The Beauty Institute is sometimes confined to cleansing or depilation... However, at Guinot, anti-ageing expertise is part of the brand's DNA.

Since its creation, the protocols and treatments have had this aim: to maintain the quality of the tissues and visibly restore the beauty of young skin. "Today, the equipment used during treatment cabins is a real alternative to aesthetic medicine," explains our expert Claudine. However, it requires a high level of assiduity and maintenance at home. It is also a perfect answer to prevent the signs of ageing and to stay in good health".