Pur Confort Spf 15 Cream

SPF 15 Protective and Soothing Cream

Protects the skin against environmental irritants.
Reinforces the skin from the inside out.


UV Filters – SPF 15: protect the skin from UVB rays.
Phospholipids: act as a protective shield and soothe the skin.
Dermaline: limits the reactions that cause hypersensitive skin.
Phospholipids: help reinforce cell adhesion by rebuilding the intercellular cement substance.
Vitamin E and Alpha Bisabolol: soothe discomfort and redness.

Use advice

Apply daily to the face and neck after cleansing thoroughly.

Skin Type :

Sensitive skin

Target zone :

Pur Confort Spf 15 Cream

Do not forget to apply Pure Comfort Cream on the neck where the skin is often thinner and less protected.

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