Easy Scrub

Body Scrub

Exfoliates and cleanses the skin perfectly.
The skin is silky soft.
The skin visibly appears smoother and revitalised.


Loofa extracts (vegetable fiber extracted from the fruits of a tropical plant): eliminates dead cells and impurities from the epidermal surface.
Lamesoft: a soft cleansing agent from Coconut, Corn and Sunflowers: softens and protects the skin.
Exfoliating Particles: Polyethylene grains: provide a mechanical exfoliating action on skin that completes the action of cleansing agents and Loofa fibers.

Use advice

Use on wet skin using circular movements, paying particular attention to rough parts (elbows, knees, heels).

Skin Type :

All types, Normal skin

Target zone :

Easy Scrub

Use before hair removal to aid removal and before applying a self-tanning product, for an even tan.

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